Fabrication of Nitrogen Generator Unit.

BiHorns has engineering support by PARKER for fabricating Nitrogen generator package. We continue to grow with our customers by creating application-focused products and system solutions. A key to our global expansion has been to follow our customers and establish operations, sales and services wherever they are needed. No single competitor matches Parker’s global presence.
Both technologies of Nitrogen generation (Membrane & PSA) technology employs the basic principle of air separation at ambient temperatures with high economical solution without any demands to raw materials and successful way for cost savings.
Nitrogen is commonly used in industry because it is dry and inert. So, it has couples of main advantages in Oil and Gas production process, first to remove H2S from oil without need of any additional chemicals like scavengers, second for blanketing tanks and vessels and prevent explosion, third for flushing purposes in pipes, vessels and tanks before the maintenance activities. We can summarize features of Nitrogen generator unite by following:
– Purities up to 99.999% (10ppm O2).
– Lower cost which eliminates the need for expensive gas cylinders.
– Operate continuously with no unexpected shutdowns.
– Hassle-free, easy to install and operate.
– Compact, frees up valuable floor space.
– Safe and reliable.
– Provide stable long term N2 costs.
– Sustainable and good for the environment.