Our ignition products vary according to client’s requirements. We provide below models:
§ Manual electrical well head burner ignition system (single and multi-pilots).
§ Manual electrical flare ignition system.
§ Advanced flare and wellhead burner ignition system with smart controller for monitoring and auto sparking.
§ Ball fire ignition system, advanced and manual models.
§ Solar ignition system.

Fabrication of Ignition Systems.

With strong in-Shop development capability and versatile production techniques, WorldGateServe fabricates a wide range of ignition systems for Flare and wellhead burner and supply its spares including ignition pilots, coils, high temperature cables, ignition JB and spark plugs.
We have been one of the top high temperature ignition system manufacturers on the middle east. Our high-quality ignition parts marketed globally under our own “Worldgateserve” brand, are popular with customers around the world. Our stringent in-shop quality-control procedures, have gained us a reputation as a leading auto ignition system manufacturer.